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Machine and JGK Ventures worked with United Road to launch Haully. We managed the project from end to end and supported the team through the launch, which resulted in a significant increase in self-booking.

The project started with discovery including research with stakeholders, dispatch and carriers. We began to understand the needs of the customers and what was possible with the current tech stack. Based on findings we developed a set of key principles for design and interaction. I developed an initial feature set, models of the flow and wires for key moments for the team. In tandem the team worked on naming, visual design and marketing strategies.

I created a full set of wires and requirements for the development team and collaborated with the team to extend the branding across the product. I collaborated throughout the build and launch phase including training materials. Extremely successful launch and roll out led to United Road reaching out to engage me in the design of future services.

Worked with Arabella Labs to bring Ophelia to market. We collaborated with the founders and team on the service journey that informed the design of the tech stack for the MVP.

We utilized off the shelf tools combined with custom development to empower the team to launch quickly, learning what the providers and members needed before building custom software to support the business.

I led product design and strategy on the project. We kicked it off with a collaborative exercise to define the brand values, initial customers and provider needs. Collaboratively, we built a service map that we used to align on the tech needed to support the service. I designed the brand for the MVP and product UI for launch. After launch, I met with clinicians and designed concepts for future version of the custom software. The launch was a success and the team has gone on to grow and raise $50M.

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